Iliad Group is a fast growing Solutions and Business Development Consulting firm in Sacramento, CA. We work with the needs of our clients by creating development strategies and ensuring better business efficiency through custom and specific IT solutions.


"Build a better solution."


Working with Our capitol's leaders to create better solutions in government 

Iliad Group has always had a professional connection with some of our Nation and State's leading departments. Even some of the biggest branches of our government have IT and Management needs. Our close relationships with different Government Agencies has given Iliad Group a foundation of knowledge for the many legal, ethical, and mixed inter-workings that an agency may have. 

We know that the future of government requires the proper IT, data, and systems management. This is why we believe that our solutions should meet the ever-growing needs of State, Local, and Federal governments.

Recent Clients

  • Los Angeles County
  • City of Los Angeles
  • Illinois EPA




"Iliad Group understands that your business is important and requires care."

From the many intricate and detailed systems, the essential workflows throughout your company, or the specialty needs of a required projects , Iliad offers many custom solutions for any commercial enterprise.

Our professional team has years of experience working personally with some of the most profound clients in the private sector. Let our consultants, designers, and architects help your enterprise exceed its goals.


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  • Inter-Act