Business Strategies

Iliad Group works with our clients to address their technology needs by creating and implementing effective development strategies and ensuring better business efficiency through custom and specific IT solutions. Through Iliad’s own IP and complementary product offerings, we build bridges for seamless network communications by delivering complete turnkey solutions for enterprise.


Project Management

With a combined 40+ years of Project Management experience, Iliad Group is an industry leader in delivering solutions to meet any of our client's needs, including Process Management Solutions and Adaptive Solutions.



Being able to see and use the data where and when you need it.

  • Secure
  • Portable
  • Mobile Ready
  • Instant Capture
  • Cost effective         

Systems Analysis, Development, and Integration

The interdependence of human clients with hardware and software is essential for any growing sector. Iliad's experience in both private and public sectors demonstrates our expertise in delivering proven methods in designing revolutionary systems for data management and system integration.


Benefits of Systems Integration:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Create Proven Infrastructures
  • Connecting System Processes
  • Improve Global Performance 

Iliad’s team of systems experts will lead the process of defining, creating, specifying, planning, testing, and implementing new software systems, carefully engineered to address your company’s requirements. There is no end to the custom software solutions we can develop and execute for your next generation of business objectives.

Why don’t you invite us to your next brainstorming strategy session and allow us to help you discover what's possible?

Public Sector = State + Local + Federal + Education

We create better solutions in government.

We believe the future of government requires efficient IT, data, and systems management. This is why our solutions must address the ever-growing needs of State, Local, and Federal governments.

Iliad Group has a rich history of strategizing with leading government departments from local to state and federal levels. The biggest branches of our government have complicated IT and management needs requiring outside support and ideation. Our team has long-standing relationships with various government agencies and a steep foundation of knowledge for the extensive legal, ethical, and mixed inter-workings that an agency must manage. 

Private Sector = Banking + Insurance + Energy + Health + Transportation

Your business is important and requires care. As your strategic partner, we are committed to steering you through the complex and rapidly changing technology continuum.

Iliad offers many custom solutions for any commercial enterprise – including numerous intricate and detailed systems, essential workflows throughout your company, or the specialty needs of a required project. Our professional team has more than 40 years of experience working personally with demanding, specialized clients in the private sector.

Let our consultants, designers, and architects help your enterprise exceed its goals.


Implementation Services

We offer a full range of conversion and implementation consulting services to suit every situation. End to end services and consulting by Iliad’s team of experts include frameworks, automation tools, data import, and everything required to design, install, configure, and train employees for a successful implementation. 

Business Process Re-engineering

This is a highly effective tool for today’s tech-centric organizations. Iliad will address the analysis and design of your company’s workflows and business processes to increase efficiency, performance, and profits, thus decreasing redundancies, waste, and errors.
We will examine your business processes for reinvention and improved performance.

Isn’t it time to look under the hood of your company and fine-tune your processes?